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Algeria Wages: Minimum and Average

Indicator Data Period
Wages in Manufacturing 41438 DZD/Month 2017

Latest data on Wages in Manufacturing (DZD/Month)

How much is average wage in manufacturing in Algeria?

  • Average wages in manufacturing sector in Algeria increased to 41438 DZD/Month. The maximum level was DZD/Month and minimum was DZD/Month.
  • Data published Yearly by .

Historical Data (DZD/Month) by years

41438 2017 05.11.2019

Historical Chart by presidents (DZD/Month)

Wages in Manufacturing in Algeria by presidents

Name Period Start Data End Data Max Value Min Value CHG% Start/End

Other labor indicators in Algeria

Index Updated Actual Previous
Retirement Age Men 2019 60 yers 60
Unemployment Rate 3Q/18 11.7 %
Labor Force Participation Rate 2017 41.8 %

Wages in Manufacturing in other countries

Country Updated Actual Previous
South Africa 3Q/20 1231.638 USD/Month 1110.545
Algeria 2017 346.22 USD/Month