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GDP Deflator in Libya

GDP Deflator Data in Libya

Indicator Data Period
GDP Deflator 211 Index Points 2014

Latest data on GDP Deflator (Index Points)

GDP Deflator
                     Libya - Historical Data (Index Points)

What is GDP Deflator Index in Libya?

  • GDP Deflator in Libya increased to 211 Index Points in 2014. The maximum level was 211 Index Points and minimum was 94.8 Index Points.
  • Data published Yearly by Bureau of Statistics and Census.

Historical Data (Index Points) by years

211 2014 04.07.2019

Historical Chart by presidents (Index Points)

GDP Deflator in Libya by presidents

Name Period Start Data End Data Max Value Min Value CHG% Start/End

Other inflation indicators in Libya

Index Updated Actual Previous
Inflation Rate YoY Jul/23 2.1 % 2.4

GDP Deflator in other countries

Country Updated Actual Previous
Nigeria 2Q/23 294 in. pt. 289
Rwanda 2Q/23 143 in. pt. 142
Namibia 2022 143 in. pt. 133
Libya 2014 211 in. pt. 205
Gambia 2021 161 in. pt. 153