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Volume of Electricity Production in Nicaragua

Electricity Production Data in Nicaragua

Indicator Data Period
Electricity Production 397 GWh Jul/23

Latest data on Electricity Production (GWh)

Electricity Production
                     Nicaragua - Historical Data (GWh)

How much electricity does Nicaragua generate?

  • Electricity Production in Nicaragua decreased to 397 GWh in July 2023. The maximum volume was 480 GWh and minimum was 202 GWh
  • Data published Monthly by Central Bank.

Historical Data (GWh) by years

397 Jul/23 09.10.2023
431 Jun/23 09.09.2023
454 May/23 04.08.2023
432 Apr/23 14.07.2023
396 Feb/23 09.05.2023
419 Jan/23 19.04.2023
384 Dec/22 03.03.2023
297 Oct/22 09.02.2023

Historical Chart by presidents (GWh)

Electricity Production in Nicaragua by presidents

Name Period Start Data End Data Max Value Min Value CHG% Start/End

Other production indicators in Nicaragua

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Electricity Production in other countries

Country Updated Actual Previous
Nicaragua Jul/23 397 GWh 423