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Egypt Consumer Credit

Egypt Consumer Credit Volume

Indicator Data Period
Consumer Credit 543457 EGP Million | 34.623 B USD May/21

Latest data on Consumer Credit (EGP Million)

Consumer Credit
                     Egypt - Historical Data (EGP Million)

What is consumer credit volume in Egypt?

  • Consumer Credit in Egypt decreased to 543457 EGP Million (34.623 B USD) in May 2021. The maximum level was 543629 EGP Million and minimum was 37957 EGP Million
  • Data published Monthly by Central Bank.

Historical Data (EGP Million) by years


Historical Chart by presidents (EGP Million)

Consumer Credit in Egypt by presidents

Name Period Start Data End Data Max Value Min Value CHG% Start/End
Abdel Fattah 08.06.2014 - 239203.0000 280582.0000 280582.0000 239203.0000 17.30%

Other consumer indicators in Egypt

Index Updated Actual Previous
Consumer Confidence 4Q/20 98 in. pt. 85
Consumer Credit May/21 34.623 B USD 34.634

Consumer Credit in other countries

Country Updated Actual Previous
Egypt May/21 34.623 B USD 34.634
Seychelles Feb/21 0.099 B USD 0.102
Uganda May/21 0.871 B USD 0.853
Botswana Apr/21 3.992 B USD 3.971