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Claimant Count Change in United Kingdom

UK Jobless Claims

Indicator Data Period
Claimant Count Change  21.1 Thousand Sep/19

Latest data on Claimant Count Change  (Thousand)

What is the claimant count in UK?

  • The number unemployment claimes in United Kingdom increased by 21.1 Thousand in September 2019. The maximum change was Thousand and minimum was Thousand
  • Data published Monthly by Office For National Statistics.

Historical Data (Thousand) by years

21.1 Sep/19 04.11.2019

Historical Chart by prime ministers (Thousand)

Claimant Count Change  in United Kingdom by prime ministers

Name Period Start Data End Data Max Value Min Value CHG% Start/End

Other labor indicators in United Kingdom

Index Updated Actual Previous
Retirement Age Men 2021 66 66
Unemployment Rate Aug/19 3.9 %
Wages Aug/19 2798.54 USD/Month
Claimant Count Change  Sep/19 21.1 K
Job Vacancies Aug/19 813 K
Labor Force Participation Rate Jul/19 79 %

Claimant Count Change  in other countries

Country Updated Actual Previous
United Kingdom Sep/19 21.1 K